Mallory Park (Bike)

Mallory Park (Bike)

Mallory Park is a motor racing circuit situated in the village of Kirkby Mallory, just off the A47, between Leicester and Hinckley, in central England. Originally used for grass-track until 1955, a new, basically oval hard-surfaced course was constructed for 1956, with a later extension forming a loop with a hairpin bend.

With the car circuit measuring only 1.35 miles (2.173 km) it is amongst the shortest permanent race circuits in the UK. However, chicanes introduced to reduce speeds in motorcycle events mean that the Superbike Circuit is now slightly longer, at 1.41 miles (2.269 km). Shorter UK circuits are Lydden Hill, Brands Hatch Indy circuit, Scotland's Knockhill and Silverstone's diminutive Stowe circuit.


The circuit has a number of formations, founded on a basic one-mile oval, with the majority of configurations including the northerly extension to the tight, 180° Shaw's Hairpin. At the other end of the circuit lies the long right-hand Gerard's Bend. Gerard's is about a third of a mile long and turns through nearly 200°. It was named after local racing hero Bob Gerard, who opened the newly reconstructed circuit on 25 April 1956. Unusually, there are a number of large lakes occupying approximately half of the circuit infield. Despite its short length and Shaw's Hairpin, the tightest corner of any UK track, (other than the hairpin on Cadwell Park's short circuit,) Mallory is a fast circuit. To reduce speeds for motorcycle racing a pair of chicanes have been introduced, together with a revised exit to Gerard's. Edwina's was added toward the end of the straight following Gerard's, named after former managing director of the circuit Edwina Overend, and the Bus Stop Chicane on the descent to the sweeping left kink, the Devil's Elbow, a blind, downhill, off camber left-hander before the start–finish line on Kirkby Straight. In 2003 a new complex was added toward the end of Gerard's curve. This sequence of bends was designed to reduce speeds on entry to Edwina's, and to prevent motorcycles from colliding as they jockey for position into the chicane.[2] Mallory is the only major oval course remaining in Britain following the closure of Rockingham Motor Speedway.


Mallory Park does not have any true permanent garage facilities, although there are a handful of open garages in the pitlane.


Our Track Art are supplied laser cut from 3mm Genuine Perpsex which has a 10 year guarantee against cracking or distortion through sun light and UV Rays. 


With a choice of two fixings, you decide whether your Track Art is supplied with chrome stand off brackets (x2 although some tracks have additional). The installation is to simply mark your wall, attach the chrome backing (screws and rawl plug not included) and screw the chrome cap on, trapping the Track Art between. 

Or supplied with no mounting holes and supplied with 3M double sided adhesive blocks which require sticking on the back and trimming to size with scissors or a knife. 


Our Track Art is cut from Black Perspex which measures approximately 290m wide by 190mm tall. The actual Track Art will be scaled to best fit these measurements but will not be compacted so as to maintain the original scale. 


All our tracks have the race track name and direction of travel engraved on the start / finish straight but you may decide to personalise it as you choose. 

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